OSHA 10 Hour Training in Nevada

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Takeaway: If you want to work on construction sites in Nevada, you are required to take OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour training.

Nevada state outline for OSHA training pageAbout Nevada OSHA Training Requirements

Like it or hate it, Nevada has decided (as of 2010 anyway) to require OSHA training. New hires have approximately 2 weeks (15 days to be precise) to obtain an OSHA 10 card. This card is the proof that the employee has completed an OSHA-accepted 10-hour construction safety course.

Nevada requirements apply to just about every type of employee within the state, although if you’re a Federal worker, a postal worker, or if you work on native American lands different rules might apply.

Here are some frequently asked questions we field about OSHA-accepted training in the state of Nevada:

Who is required to take the OSHA 10 Hour Course?

All workers on any construction site within 15 days of hire.

What constitutes a “construction site”?

Any site where construction occurs. That makes it pretty darn comprehensive.

Who is required to take the OSHA 30 Hour Course?

Any worker who is hired to perform a supervisory role on a Nevada construction site.

Who administers the construction safety program in Nevada?

Ok, here’s a long administrative title for you: the Division of Industrial Relations Department of Business and Industry. Their program was put together in cooperation with OSHA, by the way. We have a separate page with a directory of Nevada OSHA and occupational safety contact information.

Who enforces the Nevada occupational safety program?

That would be Nevada OSHA, who conducts inspections. Nevada also has something called the Safety Consultation and Training Section (SCATS), who is at the ready to help employers, provide information, materials, and advice to help both workers and employers to comply with Nevada OSHA regulations.

How can I learn more about Nevada specific OSHA regulations and training?

Check our Nevada OSHA resources page.

How can I learn more about the classes?

Check out our pages for signup information, pricing, and details.

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