10 OSHA Card Training Tips – Get the Most Out of Your Online Training

“The wisest mind has something yet to learn.”
– George Santayana

These 10 OSHA training tips should help you make the best of your online course:

1. Get a good night’s rest. Being tired makes it harder to concentrate.

2. Eat breakfast or lunch. Have snacks during breaks if you feel hungry or tired. Sometimes just drinking water will help relieve fatigue. Don’t replace protein with caffeine.

3. Try to have a quiet environment with few distractions. Keep the radio and TV turned off.

4. Make sure you are comfortable.

5. Stay focused. Watch for cues to notice when you are comprehending less. Some cues are:

  • You haven’t understood particular words or sentences
  • You often have to slow down and re-read (or re-listen)
  • Everything or nothing seems important

If you notice any of these, strengthen your comprehension by:

  • Rephrasing paragraphs into your own words
  • Reading out loud
  • Underlining or making notes of ideas that stand out for you

6. Take short breaks at least every hour. Even after 25 minutes of study, a 5 minute break could make a big difference in comprehending and remembering what you learn. Your study will actually be more productive if you take more frequent breaks than if you skip breaks, since being tired or restless can make it difficult to concentrate and remember what you are studying.

7. Use your study guide. Download and print the free study guide provided with your online course. As you study you can highlight important points.

8. Make notes as you go through the course on important points you want to remember. You can write them on your study guide or on a separate piece of paper if you need more room.

9. Be an active reader and listener. Ask yourself questions as you go through the course material and make sure you find the answers before moving to the next section. Watch for cues to notice when you are comprehending less. That’s when you may want to take one of those breaks.

10. Keep your goal in mind. Use these 10 OSHA training tips and in only 10 hours of study, you will have learned important information that will make your work safer and healthier. You’ll receive your completion card to show you successfully completed your 10 hour OSHA course.

“You learn something every day if you pay attention.”
– Ray LeBlond

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