7 Ways to Get Employees Excited About Safety Training

Let’s face it. We have all been on the receiving end of a boring training that we were required to attend at one point or another for professional development. Safety training is a nonnegotiable requirement for employees who work in any environment with potential hazards and safety concerns. So, why not make safety training interesting and provide opportunities for workers to become engaged with the required safety material?

Here are 7 ways to get employees excited about safety training that can be used in conjunction with our online courses.

1. Create a positive and fun atmospheresafety training

As a safety leader, you have the power to influence workers attitudes toward safety training. If you are upbeat and positive, there is a greater chance that employees will be as well. Make sure the environment is conducive to learning, so that everyone is comfortable and free from distraction.

How Do I Make The Environment More Conducive to Learning?

Consider the details involved in making everyone comfortable. Adjust the temperature so that it is not too hot or too cold. Make sure the lighting is easy on the eyes. Is there comfortable seating for everyone? Provide light snacks and drinks to keep up energy levels.

2. Establish a purpose for the training

Start off by establishing goals or learning objectives for the training. For employees to be interested, the reason or purpose for the training must be completely understood. If employees do not understand the importance for investing the time to take the course, they are likely to be checked-out from the very beginning.

3. Use incentives

Use incentives to drum up some interest and enthusiasm. Incentives should be based on what motivates your employees. For participating in training sessions, hold drawings or raffles for prizes, coupons, gift certificates, leave work early passes to be used at your discretion, provide snacks etc. Drawings can also be a great way to make sure everyone arrives on time, if you hold drawings at the time workers are expected to arrive. Many companies cater to coupons and incentives, even for small businesses.

4. Integrate opportunities for discussion

People learn best when given the opportunity to talk with others and share their thinking. If participating online or offsite, connect employees through social media like twitter chat or Facebook Live to post real time comments and facilitate engaging discussion. Reward participants with incentives.

5. Make learning Interactive

safety training

Facilitate a hands-on experience for optimum interactive learning. Hands-on learning can involve simulations and practicing drills, or even playing a game to make learning the material more engaging.

Ideas For Safety Training Games

Learn and review safety material in Jeopardy style, Bingo, Mix and Match Scenario Cards, or create skits. Almost any well-known game can be modified to fit the content and learning needs of the students.

6. Schedule breaks

By breaking up the training session into more manageable time increments, employees are more likely to stay connected to the learning process. Pressing on when employees are bored, tired, and uninterested will lessen their ability to comprehend and retain the necessary information from the course. Taking breaks  helps everyone stay refreshed and focused on the material.

7. Provide an opportunity for debrief and reflection

Reflection allows employees to absorb and process what they have learned, ask any lingering questions, and transfer their learning to long-term memory. As a result, your employees are better trained and safety standards in the workplace are improved.

Many people prefer to do their training courses online because it allows them the flexibility of choosing when and where they would like to fit the course into their schedules. Some people may prefer to complete training courses in person and onsite. Whether you structure training to be completed collectively as a group or individually, you may want to consider how you can use these tips for adding some variety to your safety training experience. Osha-Pros provides all levels of online education that especially covers OSHA Outreach Training Courses, Hazwoper and other safety-related knowledge.

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