OSHA 30 Online course an inexpensive way to build needed safety awareness

A Mentor Ohio company is paying the price big time for failing to follow and adequately train its employees on OSHA health and safety regulations. Metal Seal Precision, LTD is facing $56,700 in OSHA penalties due to multiple health and safety violations. And, after a plant fire that followed the OSHA penalties, the price is now a whole lot steeper.

construction co-workers discussing about work plan constructionWorkplace safety is no laughing matter and there can be serious consequences for businesses who do not make safety, including regular OSHA safety training, a top priority. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers to ensure worker safety through a combination of written safety policies and adequate OSHA-standard worker safety training, such as an OSHA 30 online course. Violations, accidents, penalties and financial losses such as the ones suffered by Metal Seal Precision can be reduced or avoided with enforced adequate company OSHA training requirements.

An example of a company with inadequate attention to worker safety training, Metal Seal had a record of repeated site violations, including:

  • Lack of machine guarding to protect workers from machine parts and flying debris
  • Failure to control potentially hazardous energy
  • Open tanks and vats that lacked covers

And the company was also cited for failure to provide hazardous chemical training or to provide written hazard communications.

All of the violations and very probably the subsequent fire could have been averted with proper safety awareness achieved through adequate training of personnel. OSHA Pros 30 hour OSHA online training course covers all the key areas that caused this company so much loss, for example:

  • Welding and Cutting safety hazards and preventative safety measures
  • Handling combustible materials and preventing workplace fires
  • How to locate OSHA standards and guidelines quickly
  • Implementing safety measures to prevent accidents in the workplace

No workers or valuable plant assets should be put at risk unnecessarily due to inadequate training or enforcement of safety protocols. OSHA Pros’ William Mizel, said of this incident: “Knowledge of what is needed is what the OSHA 30 hour online is all about. If they had taken a class and been aware of the hazards, they could have made corrections or just hired someone to do it for them. Knowledge is power.”

We advise businesses to invest in proper OSHA safety training for all personnel, and especially for all supervisory employees and those managing work sites. The cost of training is a tiny fraction of the potential cost of safety violations, including fines, accidents, injuries and loss of plant and equipment. Our OSHA 30 online course includes certification and is available for Construction and General Industry. A separate OSHA 30 hour course also includes instruction on GHS and OSHA hazardous Communication.