City Labor Law Posters

Good safety management involves may facets of day to day reminders. Many cities, counties and states are encouraged, if not required to post Labor Law Posters that remind workers daily of their rights and various safety procedures and regulations. Such posters exist to raise awareness on a daily basis regarding the importance of basic, fundamental safety practices.
It’s always a good idea to check with your city manager’s office to obtain any recent directives that may have been put in place regarding notifications in the workplace. Labor Laws do change on a regular basis and posters may need to be replaced due to obsolescence. Based on your own city ordinances and state laws, posters may be required in multiple areas of your factory, workplace or job site.
If you are in doubt about your compliance with safety laws in your area, you may be a candidate for a mock-OSHA Audit.  Our OSHA-Pros USA consultants and degreed professionals can come to your location and perform a safety inspection similar to the one’s that OSHA inspectors perform when visiting your site. We’ll then compile our finding for you and deliver an action plan to get you on the road to complete compliance in your area and state. You may also wish to give thought to the training level of your employees. City Posters and labor law directives are the law in some areas, but if your workers are not trained in the essentials of safety, you’re just waiting for a disaster to happen.
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