Federal Labor Law Posters

Conveying a sense of awareness and importance for daily safety practices is the goal of most all company safety officers. Federal Law requires ALL companies to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees.  Continual reminders are always helpful to remind workers of their rights, responsibilities and their role in their own safety as well as the safety of others.
In many locales, Federal Labor Law Posters are mandatory by ordinance via local or state directive. In places where they are not mandatory, it’s still a very good practice to post these posters where employees may review their content. This saves the employee time and can take a burden off the back-office HR or labor law staff in having to provide this information on a regular basis.
OSHA-Pros provides a wide variety of posters that are suitable to posting in the workplace.  Employee posters for the Davis-Bacon Act, Health Reform Act, NLR Act, GINA and other, Federally-based notifications are available at discounted rates from the general market price. All posters are designed to be easy to read and durable in most environments.

660200-fedFederal Contractor’s Poster-Discontinued
gab13-fmla_1FMLA Poster-Discontinued /
660280GINA Posting-Discontinued