Forklift Certification

Driving a sit-down forklift is not the same as driving a car, and stand-up forklifts have their own safety concerns if not handled in the correct way. That’s why OSHA requires you to complete a training course if you are going to use a sit-down or stand-up forklift at your warehouse or material handling facility. No matter how you’re using a forklift—transporting cargo in a warehouse, moving material on a construction site, or stocking items in a retail store—you need to understand the safety risks. Fortunately, each kind of forklift can have the necessary OSHA training completed online instead of in a classroom.

Sit-Down Forklift Training Course – $79.00Enroll in the Sit-Down Forklift Training Course from Osha-Pros for only $79.00

Stand-Up Forklift Training Course – $79.00Enroll in the Stand-Up Forklift Training Course from Osha-Pros for only $79.00.

Forklift Training Online

When you take your forklift certification training online from OSHA-PROS, you are able to do so at a time that is most convenient for the student, regardless of the time of day. They are also able to take the forklift certification training where ever they desire. This makes it more likely that your team will comply with getting their forklift certification in a timely manner. We offer both sit-down and stand-up forklift training courses.

Like so many inventions, the invention of the forklift was created out of necessity. In 1917 an axle manufacturer created a truck to move materials around their factory. In 1923, another company added forks to lift loads as well as an elevated mast that could extend beyond the height of the truck. And so, the forklift was born. Today, there are two varieties of forklifts, and you may be familiar with one or both of them. A sit-down forklift can either be a three or four-wheel variety. Those who spend long stretches of time on a forklift may prefer this type of forklift, especially if they won’t need to exit the machine to move products around. A stand-up forklift is sometimes called a stand on or electric rider. This type of electric forklift is best for when an operator needs to frequently get on and off the lift truck. And no matter which kind of forklift you operate, it is important to have a forklift certification in order to properly operate the machine.

Forklift Certification

Safety training is one of the best investments a facility manager can make. Incident analysis proves there is a direct (and sometimes tragic) relationship between inadequate training and costly workplace accidents. There are several benefits to forklift certification. First, with the training and certification in place, you will find an increase in productivity. This is because your team knows how to properly operate the forklift and won’t try things that are not within the range of the equipment. Second, you will have decreased maintenance costs because of operating forklifts properly and being aware of the space requirements of the equipment. Third, you may be able to have a decrease in insurance premiums if you can demonstrate that your team has their forklift certification.

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