Free OSHA Training – Be Careful What You Buy!


If you are looking for FREE OSHA Outreach Training, there’s very little chance you’ll find it, Why? Because these classes are ONLY provided to the industry by a select few OSHA Accepted providers. The courses are licensed and as such must be sold.  Remember: IF YOU SEE A FREE OSHA OUTREACH COURSE, IT WILL NOT RESULT IN YOUR WALLET CARD!

However, in many cases, your employer may allow you to take less expense courses that provide great benefit to you as a professional. These courses, however, do not contain the proper content to receive your DOL OSHA Wallet Card. They merely provide you with valuable, low cost training that you might find useful in your daily job duties. Always check with your company training officer or compliance official for your training requirements before signing up.


We do offer an excellent, FREE lockout/Tagout awareness level tutorial that you can watch absolutely free of charge. If you work in ares where this is mandatory, then this tutorial would be very beneficial to your education and training. Just click on the link below:


  • Lockout/Tagout – Free Awareness Level Tutorial – Learn More


Check out these low cost, quick and easy courses you can take in your spare time that might fit in with your every day work duties (Note: These course do not count toward or take the place of an Authorized OSHA course for a Wallet Card):


For a full list of ancillary courses that may be beneficial to you, please view our full online catalog here.