Need a Hand With OSHA’s Safety Regulations?

Gloves help protect your digits and provide a solid grip on hand tools and construction materialsChoose Hand Safety. Your hands are the best way you can manipulate the environment around you. Picking up objects, holding utensils, using hand tools, none of this would be possible without flexible fingers and opposable thumbs. Since they’re so important to your day-to-day life (and if you don’t think so, you’ve clearly never had the pleasure of trying to open a bottle of ketchup with one hand in a cast), it’s important to protect your hands while on the job.

From Hand Tools to Protective Gloves- OSHA Regulations Provide A Helping Hand in the Workplace!


With just that goal in mind, the Center for Construction Research and Training is proud to unveil, a worker safety website dedicated to protecting your hands. Choosing the right work gloves, choosing your hand tools, understanding the risks involved, and training to properly use workplace equipment are all important aspects covered by this new website. Things you’ve probably never considered like finding tools that fit your hand size, or what to look for in a hand tool.


Hand tools can be anything from hammers and brushes to trowels and power tools, whatever your job requires, but recommends finding a comfortable fit and a grip that suits the size of your hand. As for gloves, workplace regulations for proper hand protection are the deciding factor. As with any item of clothing, finding proper-fitting gloves is important for comfort and utility- you don’t want gloves that are too loose and slip off or don’t give you a solid grip. A hand sizing tool, ideal for finding your glove size, can be found here.


Workplace safety is in YOUR hands. Protect them and your coworkers by choosing hand safety with Before your OSHA-Pros training program begins (we recommend the 10 hour training courses), check out the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR)’ s new hand safety website and learn what you can do to protect your most valuable tools: your hands.