Try Our Free Tutorial on Lockout/Tagout For a Quick Education That Can Save Lives

You may have seen the Lockout/Tagout infographic we recently published here.  Many companies have found it useful enough to share with employees.  That’s great for many workers, but sometimes you need to make sure you and your staff need a bit more awareness than you can get from a graphic.

Well, we’ve got you covered. OSHA-Pros not only offers a valuable blog and training courses, but now offers a Free Lockout/Tagout Awareness Level Tutorial video. If you don’t yet know, Lockout/Tagout is a major procedure when working with any form of “hazardous energy” in the workplace – anything that can come from unsecured steam valves, machinery left turned on, and equipment left unattended.

Lockout/Tagout is a key procedure to save lives in the workplace. Avoid unnecessary hazards by educating yourself and your employees about this vital process. Don’t take risks, follow our step-by-step infographic, this blog detailing the necessities of the Lockout/Tagout procedure, and this free tutorial video. Don’t be the cause of workplace incidents, be the solution by adhering to all OSHA procedures and regulations.  OSHA-Pros offers cutting-edge education on all safety topics. From Lockout/Tagout to Electrical Standards and Hazwoper training.  Your complete education for the workplace can be found here.