Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Safety Communication

Digital Signage in the workplace is becoming more and more important and popular in today’s working environment.  Digital signs have taken the place of unsightly posters and other wall hangings that tend to detract from areas where employees expect a visually enticing environment.

Predictions for the growth of these in the coming year include the continued proliferation of devices, especially since the cost to deploy has drastically gone down. Connection of company data to digital signage has become commonplace to boost morale.  KPIs, financial data and the like are popular displays, but the emphasis goes much deeper. Work schedules, price lists, safety metrics, production goals  and even cafeteria menus are being published in companies. 

Digital signage also allows executives and top-level managers to broadcast timely messaging as well as soliciting information from their workers. This involves getting more and faster feedback from their employees. With smartphone and tablet apps being everywhere and online discussion forums and interactive TV becoming commonplace, it makes sense that managers will want to get information to and from their people in real time. This means that employees will need a way to get the requests and respond to them digitally, and whatever system is being used will need to summarize the findings as they arrive.

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Benefits of Digital Signage