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Nothing says “I’ve got this” like practical, on-the-job experience. To complete your OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training, on-site training will help hone your skills and test your knowledge in a practical setting. Online courses and paper tests are great for learning about safety, but nothing compares to learning about safety in a real world situation like a construction job site.


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OSHA Accepted Training Service Details:

Providing a hands-on learning environment for individuals or classes over 10 hours, the On-Site OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course offered by OSHA Pros is a stellar solution to training employees. It can either be used to meet requirements in the States that mandate 10 hour training for construction employees (including Maine, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Missouri, and Nevada); or can serve as a supplement to regular training, providing a monitored and controlled setting for employees to put their learning to the test in a practical setting.

OSHA Pros may offer a complete range of online training courses, but our dedicated training personnel are just as good as a computer! Their knowledge and skill can go a long way towards ensuring your employees are trained to perfection, and with a practical, real-world training course such as the On-Site OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course, you can have a single employee or an entire class ready for work in no time. Our trainers will give a brief introduction to OSHA regulations, inspections, and penalties to begin, and will cover basic operations lessons such as electrical safety, fire prevention, personal protective equipment (PPE), tools and equipment. The specifics of the course can also be modified to suit an employee’s intended job role, or specific hazards at your company’s workplace that need to be addressed.

Over the course of 10 short hours – either during the week or even on the weekend – our OSHA-Authorized Safety Professionals can take an entire class of new hires and turn them into lean, mean construction workplace-ready machines. Talk to us today about the 10 hour or any other OSHA safety course.  Send us a quote request, or pick up the phone to talk with a real life OSHA Pro.  That’s right, we answer our phones and return our calls…like in the good old days!

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