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Connecticut flag on the OSHA training pageIf you live in Connecticut you’re in a select bunch, and not just because your state ranks 4th in per capita income.  It’s also one of only 7 states that require OSHA 10-hour training at any level.

In Connecticut any employees working on a publicly funded project more than $100,000 (Are there any under $100k? We wonder.) must have OSHA 10-hour training.  Proving that employees are in compliance with this requirement is up to the contractor who’s working on the job.  They are required to submit proof of the training completion of any of their workers within 30 days of getting the contract from the State (in this respect Connecticut is a bit different than other states, some of whom allow you to prove it anytime before construction on the project begins).

One other unusual aspect to Connecticut’s requirement is that workers must renew their training every 5 years, which is not typical for other states.

The Connecticut program is administered by the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health.  (And if you have a hard time saying that, you can always just call it CONN-OSHA, everyone else does.)

If you’re an employer and you’re contemplating skirting CONN-OSHA’s requirements, please don’t.  They take these requirements seriously and have full authority to conduct surprise inspections (in fact, unauthorized notification of an inspection before it occurs can carry a $1000 fine, so don’t count on some friendly desk clerk giving you a heads up).  The price of OSHA 10 training is pretty modest (our online courses are well under $100) so make sure you comply.

Valid proof is typically what everyone calls the OSHA 10-hour “wallet card,” but it could also be an attendance certification from the trainer.

All of our online OSHA 10-hour courses are accepted by OSHA and therefore are valid for meeting Connecticut worker training requirements.

Employers: if you have a number of workers and would like on-site training, we can come to you as long as you’re within 100 miles of any of the following Connecticut cities:

  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Stamford
  • Bristol
  • Bridgeport
  • Norwich

If you’re not sure about what’s best for your company, please just call us at (866) 442-OSHA (6742) or submit the contact form at the right of this page for a free quote.

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Looking for OSHA Offices in Connecticut?  Check out our Connecticut OSHA resources page.

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