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OSHA Safety Training Florida is now an approved product for both on-site and online training in all areas of Florida. Users can now sign up to get their OSHA 10 Hour course Wallet Card in as little as two days!

The state of Florida does not have official requirements regarding OSHA training.  Some of OSHA’s requirements for training for certain occupations might apply under federal statute, but usually those are limited to Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) jobs.





However many employers have their own training requirements in order to improve their overall safety rating, especially when it comes to Worker’s compensation claims.  And considering the fact that, in 2009, over 11,000 workers were hospitalized due to job-related injuries, and over 245 workers were killed on the job, OSHA training might be a very good idea.  In fact, some statistics show that almost 12% of Floridians are employed in “high fatality risk” occupations.  No wonder many employers are promoting safety training in Florida.  (Source: Florida Department of Health, Occupational Safety and Health fact sheet)


Enroll in the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Online Training Course

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Online Training Course
Price: $89.00 (Includes FREE PDF Study Guide)

Whether you are required to take a safety training course for your job or just think it would be a good idea, check out our OSHA Safety Training Florida pages for signup information, pricing, and details. On-site courses have substantial discounts for groups of three or more!

Those organizations that wish to advance their reputation in the safety and risk areas. might wish to train their staff in bulk. OSHA-Pros provides substantial discounts for on-site training by our OSHA-Authorized Instructors. Successful student will receive their Department of Labor OSHA Wallet Card that is valid in all 50 states. To schedule your on-site session, please call us direct (toll-free) at 1-866-265-5813 and speak to one of our schedulers, or you may complete our online customer service form to receive an immediate response to your inquiry.

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Looking for OSHA Offices in Florida?  Check out our Florida OSHA resources page.