Takeaway: Workers on public projects in Massachusetts are required to have at least 10 hours of OSHA construction safety training

About Massachusetts OSHA Training Requirements

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Here’s a piece of legislation with an overly long name: An Act Relative to the Health and Safety on Public Construction Projects, 2004.  But what it mandates is simple and to the point.  If you want the State of Massachusetts to give your company any construction work, on any projects over $10,000, you need to certify that all employees to be employed at the worksite to take:

a 10-hour course in construction safety approved by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), referred to as the OSHA 10 course.  In order to demonstrate compliance, the Act requires persons to submit documentation of successful completion of the OSHA 10 course

OSHA-Pros offers OSHA Training courses to workers and employers throughout Massachusetts including:

  • Boston, MA and Greater Boston
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Lowell, MA
  • Newton, MA
  • Quincy, MA
  • Springfield, MA and the Springfield metropolitan area
  • Worcester, MA

OSHA regional offices in Massachusetts are located at:

North Boston Area Office
Shattuck Office Center
138 River Road, Suite 102
Andover, MA 01810
Fax: 978-837-4455

South Boston Area Office
639 Granite Street, 4th Floor
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184
(617) 565-6924
Fax: (617) 565-6923

Springfield Area Office
1441 Main Street, Room 550
Springfield, Massachusetts 01103-1493
(413) 785-0123
Fax: (413) 785-0136


Who is required to take the OSHA 10 Hour Course?

All workers (it doesn’t matter what they’re working on) employed at any public works construction site.

What constitutes a “construction site”?

Any project contracted with the State worth over $10,000.  If you can find a construction project worth less than $10,000 you’re in the clear.  (Good luck with that one.)

Does this requirement apply to supervisors?


What do contractors have to do?

If you’re the contractor on the job, you need to certify in writing that all employees have been properly trained.  You are also required to make sure any subcontractors have fulfilled the requirement.

How quickly to workers have to get the training done?

Workers are supposed to have the training from day one on the site.

How are employers suppose to certify in writing that they are compliant?

The employer has to submit proof of completion for each worker with their first certified payroll report.  For salaried workers who are not paid in a way that they show up on the CPR, the employer has to provide a list with proof of completion.

How can I learn more about Massachusetts OSHA Training requirements?

Check our Massachusetts OSHA resources page.

How can I learn more about the classes?

Check out our pages for signup information, pricing, and details.

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