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Missouri Requires OSHA Training for Public Works Projects

Map of Missouri for their state page on OSHA training requirements


Missouri is one of seven states that require OSHA-Accepted training for any employee who works on any sort of public works project, whether at the state or municipal level.  Although the requirements state that the training must be “at least” as stringent as the OSHA 10 Hour program, it doesn’t define what other programs might pass muster.  (Presumably the lengthier programs such as OSHA 30-hour.)





Missouri is a bit more lenient in a number of ways that they administer these requirements.  For example…

  • Workers need to make sure they have the appropriate training, provided by an “OSHA Approved instructor” within 60 days of starting work on a project (many other states require the training before the worker even starts)
  • Employers don’t need to submit proof unless the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Standards (by the way, you can just call it “the Division”) requests that you submit it
  • Missouri does not require that your training be renewed (the OSHA 10 “Wallet Card” doesn’t expire so Missouri is just following the lead of the Feds on this, but a few states require it to be renewed anyway every 5 years)


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Whether your company is engaged in public works projects or just wants to make sure that your workers are going to maintain a safe workplace, we can provide online OSHA training through this website, or, if your company is within 100 miles of any of the following cities, we can come to you.

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Looking for OSHA Offices in Missouri?  Check out our Missouri OSHA resources page.

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