Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavation

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Many hazardous professions require proof of competency before any person can just jump in and do the work. This is especially true of Excavation and Trenching jobs; where improper training could endanger lives.

OSHA Pros offers the smart solution: the Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavation Course, an on-site training program to ensure proper compliance with OSHA Standard 1926.650 and 1926.652. This essential course can save lives, time, and money for your company by helping your hard working employees avoid mistakes, at the same time also help your company avoid OSHA citations and costly penalties.


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OSHA Accepted Training Service Details:

This course specifically outlines the definition of “competent person” in the workplace role, how to conduct soil tests (both manually and visually), the processes of properly setting up trench boxes, shoring walls, sloping and benching; how to recognize and protect against hazardous gas leaks or atmosphere in trenches, and more. We take special pride in training competency in handling OSHA inspections as well, and OSHA Pros offers a specialized Mock-Inspection Program to prepare you for them.

Ensure that your employees are properly trained to be competent in their job roles with the Competent Person Training for Trenching and Excavation Course from OSHA Pros.  With on-site training and the supervision of OSHA-Authorized Compliance Experts, we make sure your trainees have the know-how and the resources to perform their jobs admirably.

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