Workplace Air and Noise Surveys

OSHA requirements for hearing conservation and respiratory protection programs are triggered by how much noise or air contaminants your workers are exposed to at work. If you don’t know exactly what their exposures are, your company could be subjected to OSHA inspections, citations, penalties, and lawsuits. Under the OSH Act of 1970 and its General Duty Clause, every contractor and company is mandated to provide a safe and healthy environment for all employees. Hearing and respiratory protection programs are part of of that provision under the Act.



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Course Details:

OSHA Pros USA will send a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) to conduct full-shift personal sampling at your facility to determine if employees are over-exposed to noise and/or select air contaminants. Air samples will be analyzed at an OSHA accredited laboratory. Then you will receive a detailed written survey report that documents the equipment and protocols utilized during your survey, the findings of the survey, and specific recommendations for the steps you should take (if any) to get into compliance with applicable OSHA regulations for protecting your employees from excessive noise and/or air contaminants.

Guessing doesn’t count when it comes to knowing how much noise or air contaminants your employees are exposed to at work. Call on the OSHA Training Compliance Experts at OSHA Pro’s USA to let you know exactly where you stand in terms of workplace noise and/or air contaminant exposure.

  • Workplace Surveys for Air or Noise Exposure
  • Conducted by Certified Safety Professionals
  • Confidential Report of Findings & Recommendations

Money Saving Tip! Consider having OSHA-Pros conduct a Mock-OSHA Inspection at the same time that your Air and/or Noise Survey is being performed!

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