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Clean up operations and toxic spills are no laughing matter. Workers must not only be more aware of the potential on-the-job risks involved, but must be properly trained- even more so than for the usual HAZWOPER requirements.

For just such a situation, Osha Pros offers the Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course, a dedicated program designed to cover all topics cited in 29 CFR 1910.120 and address any potential risks of hazardous materials in the workplace. This most specifically applies to the government-sanctioned Uncontrolled Hazardous Operations sites where cleanup and containment are the priority.


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Online  40 Hour HAZWOPER Course

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ONLINE HAZWOPER 40 Course Details

This full-length, in depth, online course addresses every major issue concerning HAZWOPER standards, and serves as additional training for employees in hazardous workplaces. It addresses the proper use and donning of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), hazardous material cleanup and elimination, worker safety, and proper storage and labeling of potentially hazardous materials outlined by the GHS – the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

The Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course is no quick-and-easy solution; it not only requires the requisite 40 hours of online training, allowing up to 1 year to complete the entire course, but also requires 3 full days of supervised training on the job site in a practical setting. This training should be arranged and organized by your employer.

As an online program, the Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course offers several benefits such as:

  • Train-at-your-own-pace convenience, allowing 1 year to complete all 40 hours of the program
  • Online accessibility from any computer, anywhere
  • Universal credentials – all 50 states in the US recognize this program as complying to OSHA standards

Upon completion, you will receive a temporary certification, to be followed 8-10 weeks later with the real one delivered by mail. Meet HAZWOPER requirements with the Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Course from OSHA Pros.

Click to Enroll today for only $255button to enroll in the OSHA 40 hour online training