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OSHA Pros is America’s best training and compliance expert service. We offer not only individual training courses such as our 30 Hour HAZWOPER or 8 Hour Confined Space Entry, but we also offer group rates for employers needing multiple employees trained.

With discounted group rates, classroom-level training instruction, corporate billing options and even free enrollment services, your business can’t afford to miss out! Many businesses make the mistake of signing up their trainees one at a time, which may work fine if their are only one or two employees to train. However, when hiring multiple new employees to fulfill a variety of job roles in vacant positions, it makes sense to take advantage of our more convenient billing structure to save your company both time and money.

Group Rates:

When enrolling multiple students, OSHA Pros offers discounted admission rates. These rates may even apply when the employees are enrolled in different training courses, and even if they’re not enrolled at the same time. This method of enrollment can be vital in saving your business money on training new workers.

Corporate Billing:

OSHA Pros offers corporate billing accounts to accommodate businesses expecting to hiring employees over a longer period of time. Flexible scheduling can allow you to enroll employees in training courses whenever you like, billed each month through either an invoice or a credit card. This option is easy to set up and provides a simple, hassle-free solution for your training.

Free Enrollment Services for Groups:

For large groups of employees needing training, we can handle enrollment for your company at no extra charge.



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Group Enrollment Application