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30 hours online learning about construction safety might seem like quite the commitment for training in the construction industry, but it’s nothing in comparison to the lives saved and injuries avoided by proper OSHA compliance. The essential OSHA 30 Hour Training Course from OSHA Pros is what you will need if you’re at a supervisor level on many job sites and in at least 7 states.  Click here to sign up.


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Consisting of 25 sections, each between one and two hours in length, the 30 Hour Construction Training Course is fully online, and covers everything you need to know to avoid workplace hazards and stay on-the-ball at all times.

This 30 hour online program covers:

  • Locating OSHA Standards and guidelines quickly and effectively
  • Recognizing 1926 Subpart C of the General Safety and Health Provisions under OSHA protocol
  • Implementing various measures to prevent workplace accidents
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) descriptions and proper usage
  • Combustible materials and preventing fires in the workplace
  • Safety rigging
  • Subpart J – Welding and Cutting safety hazards and proper applications
  • Electrical Hazard safety and shock protection
  • Scaffolding and fall prevention for elevated workspaces
  • Proper excavation methods and confined-space entry
  • Demolition and blasting protocols, proper safety for explosives usage
  • Stairway and Ladder ascension/descension safety


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