10 Hour OSHA Certification Myths. Get the Facts to Make the Right Decision

10 Hour Osha CertificationOSHA requires that employees receive training on safety in the workplace and requires employers to provide that training to their workers. The most basic level of training is the OSHA 10 hour training course, which is offered as a general course, or a course more specific to the construction industry. Upon completion of a course, the worker receives a wallet card to document that they have successfully completed the course.  Also, employers will be asked to verify or document to OSHA that their employees have completed a required training course.

However, this is not the same as “OSHA certification.” Even though you may complete an OSHA 10 hour training course, it will not mean that you have received OSHA 10 hour certification, because there is no such thing. Your wallet card verifies that you attended the course, but this is not the same as certification.

The only true certification available in the safety field is that of Certified Safety Professional (CSP), which is offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). The CSP is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies in the United States, or by the International Organization for Standardization/Internation Electrotechnical Commission (IS0/IEC). To be designated a Certified Safety Professional one must have an associate’s degree in safety and health or a bachelor’s degree in any field, plus 4 or more years of professional safety experience. To receive the certification one must also pass Safety Fundamentals and/or Comprehensive Practice examinations.

So if you are looking for an authorized OSHA 10 hour training course, but see courses advertising OSHA 10 hour certification, you might want to check to make sure that company is really an authorized OSHA trainer. OSHA has developed training courses which are offered by authorized trainers, not certified. You will complete a course through one of these trainers and pass an exam, then receive your wallet card, which shows you have met the training requirements of OSHA.

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Don’t be misled by companies offering 10 hour OSHA certification! It just doesn’t exist.

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