OSHA Regulatory Resources for Missouri

Missouri safety and occupational health is governed by OSHA and the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.Missouri Safety Policies and Enforcement, including occupational safety and health, are under the auspices of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. The agency handles all complaints by workers and investigates safety violations, fraud, worker misclassification and other safety-related issues. Because Missouri does not have a formal state plan, OSHA administers and enforces job safety and health rules for private sector workplaces in Missouri.

The DOLIR does provide consulting services to Missouri based employers in accordance with Missouri Safety Laws passed by their legislature. The Division of Labor Standards provides a free and confidential consultation service for private sector employers to assist them in complying with federal OSHA regulations and guidelines. To take advantage of these services, businesses typically must be located in the state, have 250 or fewer employees at any one site (less than 500 total), be privately owned and submit the proper paperwork to the DOLIR.

Construction laws are very strict in Missouri and are governed by the Construction Safety Training Act. This requires all contractors and subcontractors who enter into contracts with public bodies for construction of public works to train their on-site employees regarding the potential hazards they may encounter while working on the project. Missouri Safety protocols emphasize that workers should be educated through a formal program, such as the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Training Course. On-site employees who have not completed required safety training within 60 days of beginning work on a project at the latest must be removed from the project and the employer will be subject to penalties as described in the Act.


Missouri Safety Resources/Offices:

Kansas City Area Office
2300 Main Street, Suite 168
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
(816) 483-9531
(816) 483-9724 Fax
Toll Free {Missouri Residents Only}: 1-800-892-2674

St. Louis Area Office
1222 Spruce Street, Room 9.104
St. Louis, Missouri 63103
(314) 425-4249
(314) 425-4255 Voice Mail
(314) 425-4289 Fax
Toll Free (Missouri Residents Only): 1-800-392-7743

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