Technical Assistance for Online Training Classes

Technical assistance for Online Safety Courses from OSHA-Pros USA.OSHA-Pros USA provides the highest quality education and training programs in the industry, backed by OSHA-Trained educators. These programs are backed by technical assistance for all courses should you experience any difficulties.

Most all courses are designed for unlimited log in and log out from multiple computers during the period of time specified by the course (90 days for OSHA 10 Hour Courses; 180 days for OSHA 30 Hour Courses). Minimal equipment requirements are needed. A valid link to the internet is the primary requirement. You should always keep your credentials (username and password) with you. These were provided during your initial sign up for the course. If you have forgotten these, please go to the password/username recovery screen here.

If you are experiencing further technical issues with your online OSHA training course and need technical assistance, please contact the customer service department at 1-877-881-2235. Please choose Option #1.

If you have a question about the status of your OSHA Wallet Card, please do NOT contact OSHA directly or completely an on line query to them, as they do not maintain a database with that information. Call the customer service desk at the number aboce and request that information from them. They will contact the instructor to complete your request.

To LOG BACK IN to your online OSHA training course, click the link below to be directed to the login page. Then, look on the left side of the page that appears, and you will see the login area. Enter your username (the full e-mail address you entered when you registered), and your password (the letters are case sensitive), and then click the submit button.


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