Change Employee Attitudes About Training: 5 Easy Steps

change employee attitudes about training

Nobody Wants to Do Training, But Everybody Wants to Feel Safe

Most people do not get excited about training. It is no big surprise that workers fail to get excited about training that is mandatory, takes time, and does not usually qualify as paid time. However, consider the flip side.

What if…

  • training was deemed unnecessary?
  • precautions were not taken seriously?
  • work felt unsafe?

The last thing anyone wants is to experience a serious injury or health risk at work. With safety in mind, we can change employee attitudes about training and rest assured that our workers have a united understanding of safety regulations.


How to change employee attitudes about training


Employees certainly don’t have to love training, but it is important that they have a healthy attitude towards learning about safety. Without the right kind of attitude towards training, employee morale can be adversely affected. Not to mention, the safety of workers and the work environment are potentially at a higher risk for hazardous accidents. However, the good news is that employee morale can change. These 5 easy steps will help you get your employees to move from a state of complacency to community.


1. Adopt Attitude Ambassadors

First thing is first, attitude adoption. All it takes is setting the right tone for the right people. Start emphasizing positive attitudes in the workplace. Make an effort to acknowledge positivity when you see it. Get a few key people who can adopt a positive attitude about safety training. Change employee attitudes about training from the top down. Start with the most influential individuals first. Then, these key people become ambassadors to the rest of the work staff. Attitudes are contagious, so just be sure that the positive ones are the ones being spread around the office environment. Start with your own!


2. Communicate with visuals


The visual environment can be a significant factor in influencing perceptions and changing employee attitudes about training. Consider the power that lies within a smile from a friendly face. You can elicit the same kind of reaction by posting visually stimulating reminders of company mission statements and ideals. Post images that serve as guiding principles of safety to further emphasize the valuable expectations. Showcase photos of employees at work. Encourage positive communication by using a “thank you” message board where employees can write messages to fellow employees. Create a sense of comfort and “family” for the members of your team. A pleasant view can boost the mood and help minds be more open to learning. 


3. Make time for team building exercises


Team building is a fun and easy way to facilitate bonding and relationship building among coworkers. Just be mindful that work time and personal time are respected. Additionally, create an inviting space for social gathering that can lead to a forum for promoting positive conversation about work. Continue building relationships by organizing social outings, such as lunch or dinner on a regular basis. Invite workers to participate in work games or challenges. Create some healthy competition by setting work goals and rewards that will motivate workers to engage in training efforts.


4. Be honest about requirements


There is no doubt about it, employees appreciate honesty and transparency. Consequently, by speaking openly and honestly, employees can better relate to their employers and the purpose behind training requirements. When employees recognize the significance of what they learn, then compliance comes more naturally. Willfully compliant employees, results in a better morale in the workplace for everyone. Ultimately, these simple steps can change employee attitudes about training and make a positive transformation at work.

5. Find the right online training courses

Finally, this step is crucial. If you really want to change employee attitudes about training, find the right online training courses. The right course can make or break your efforts towards creating an environment where safety is eagerly pursued. OSHA-Pros, partnered with 360training, offers a variety of options for valuable training at affordable costs. Sign up for online learning with us and even schedule a demonstration that can come to you! Learn more at OSHA-Pros.