Group Rates and Corporate Accounts – Save on Your Training

OSHA-Pros has been in the safety and risk management industry for more than forty years. We want to be  your trainer and advisor for all your regulatory and safety needs. We provide high quality online training programs for your employees, contractors and executives while also making it easy on your budget. Our group rates and discounts are designed to make training affordable for all of our offered courses, both online and on-site.


Have multiple students for our OSHA courses?

Call OSHA-Pros before signing up you employees!  By calling us, toll-free at 1-866-265-5813  we can save you money and time by offering discounted group rates, corporate billing accounts, and free enrollment services.  You can save a substantial amount by taking advantage of this FREE service to you.


Group Rates

Obtain substantial discounted group rates for enrolling multiple students. The more you  enroll, the more you save!  We allow  you to   mix different online OSHA courses and still get your discounts. You can even get your discount even if students have to take their courses at different times! All you have to do is call us or you can CONTACT US  and request a quote!


Corporate Billing Accounts

With a corporate billing account, you can enroll students whenever you like, and then get an invoice once a month.  We also make it even easier if you want to  make a single charge to your credit card once a month. It’s easy to set up, and we will be glad to help you get started.  You can call us or CLICK HERE to Request a Corporate Billing Account.


Free Group Enrollment Services

Don’t feel like spending your time sitting there registering several people? Let us do the dirty work for you, at no extra charge! Click Here to Request Free Group Enrollment Service, or call us at 1-866-265-5813.


Group Enrollment Application

Group Enrollment Application